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Why a good ranking in Google is great, but not the one-and-only in Online Marketing?

Online marketing, also known as web marketing or internet marketing, is the process by which a business can sell its services and products over the web world. Nowadays online marketing is on boom. In such a competitive world, for every type of business, use of online marketing has become really important.

One of the factors that businesses tend to give more weightage to is their ranking in search engines. It has become a notion that in order to succeed in an online business, ranking high in Google search is extremely important. SEO has become the popular buzz word today. In addition to this, business owners have forever believed that internet users totally rely on these rankings and take it as a part of a business’s credibility. In other sense, it is assumed that websites that have good rankings in search engines like Google are much more reliable than the ones that do not easily show up in the results. Moreover, Online Marketing strategies like keyword based content is given more attention so that it may drive more traffic to one’s website. That would then lead to increase in sales.

Online Marketing subject to continuous development

However, over the years the online business scenario has changed completely and for good. Yes, it is important to have your content or website get ranked in the initial search results for the very reason that when your business will be visible, more and more people will come to know about it. Nonetheless, internet marketing is not only about good ranking. The recipe to success has many other aspects that are far more important than solely depending on good Google ranking.

As such, Google will rank your page based on the keywords that users will be searching for at that particular moment. You might expect that your website is getting ranked higher but in actuality your target audience may not see the search result as it appears to you. This happens because of:

  • Past search history of the user
  • Their social media circles
  • Geography where the users live

Based on the above factors, it can be summarized that Google results are more personalized rather than rank based. Another point to be noted is that internet marketing is more about having quality content rather than including all sorts of irrelevant keywords. Irrelevant keywords may initially attract potential customers; however, what ultimately matters is the conversion rate. Your success is determined by the conversion of your visitors into customers.

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