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Best Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales and Traffic

It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of a small scale shop on Etsy or a leading ecommerce website; you need to get traffic towards your store in order to achieve your financial goals. Plenty of methods are available out there for the ecommerce website owners to increase the

Dehnen für mehr Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz

Einen Zug zu bekommen, kann im Büro oder in anderen Räumen nun nicht mehr nur mit einem schlechten Gefühl in Verbindung gebracht werden. Denn wenn es plötzlich unter dem Schreibtisch spannt und zwickt, dann hat das nichts mehr mit dem eigenen Körper zu tun, sondern mit einem Dehnband. Solch ein

Google Hummingbird Brings Fresh Life to Search Queries and SEO Practices

Google announced release of Hummingbird, a new algorithm for search, on the search engine’s 15th birthday a few weeks back. The new algorithm aims at providing accurate search result against the queries. Now, the focus is more on the intent of the queries and not the search terms. Google Hummingbird now

Google Penguin Will Encourage Only Genuine SEO Practices

Google has announced release of Penguin 2.1, which is an addition of some algorithms to its Penguin 2 to fight spam. The major search engine company launched the Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012 and since then there have been versions such as Google Penguin 2 on may 26, 2012, Google


This is Part 2 of our Series "SCRUTINIZING GOOGLE UPDATE CHECKS (INCLUDING PENGUIN)" - in Part 1 (click here) we write about the issues and important things regarding the Anchor Text, the inbound and outbound links and also the specials in the Head-Tags. Now in this part lets talk about

Scrutinizing Google Update Checks (including Penguin) Part 1

There are many many things you can check on your website - In this article series we will give you an overview of the most important points on Google Update to verify and optimize your website. Heads and brief Giving titles and dividing the content under different heads has been one

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