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LiveChatInc Review

This is a review of LiveChatInc – a live-chat-solution for your business. LiveChatInc is ideal for those who own any kind of business, online business which sells products, a website where content is being sold. This is the best way of giving your customer a support that is on-the-spot to ensure that they will not be left waiting or guessing. This will sure bring numerous positive results as our online visitors will more likely to buy products on the store which can offer them immediate support for their queries. Clients are most likely to buy contents on your site if they will feel that you are caring enough through an awesome support.

Some may think that having helpdesk through live chat can be very challenging to integrate in the website, thus, many would not do it. However, LiveChatINc is proud to say that in just a matter of 5 minutes, you can have a live chat customer support system in your own website. This is even lesser than the time you will need to completely answer an email inquiry from a customer.

In order for you to sign up, you will only need a valid email address. Anyone can have this set-up on their own sites although they are not very highly technical. Signing up is a total breeze and it is comforting to know that thousands of companies has already placed their trust with LiveChatInc. Should there be minor problems in signing up, they also have a very efficient live support who will be very happy to help you.

If your site is with Shopify store, or Jamoola, or Drupal Website or WordPress blog, the plug-ins are already available. With this, there is no need to do manual touching of codes as you only need to install the plugin for Livechat in the platform and you are all set to go.

As you begin browsing on the members’ area, you sure will appreciate their layout which is very intuitive and you will get exactly all the features that you are expecting. Their layout allows you to customized the theme of your own chat room, view the logs of visitor, the chat logs, and the area where you can manage the agents. An area providing installation instructions, integration, ticket setting and security are to avoid troublemakers are also available.

Once you have successfully installed the live chat, you can start interacting with the customers and clients of your site on a real-time basis. The application can be used for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and iPad making the interaction on-the-go regardless of the kind of the preferred operating system.

LiveChatInc offers a very generous free trial for 30 days for you to check if you will enjoy the services they provide. Then they have wide variety of choices of plans depending on the need of your business; starter, regular plan, team option plan, enterprise option, and Enterprise Plus solution. In conclusion, LiveChatInc is an excellent software making it perfect for the businesses intending to break in the live-chat models. With easy interface and full features, you should check the free trial and their affordable plans.


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