facebook fanpage

Your company on Facebook

If you gain a place in social media you should think about Facebook, because there is the possibility to create “pages” which can represent and promote a product, a website or just a business. The ability to provide the social media users quickly current topics related to your business or industry by a Facebook-Fanpage has […]

404 error

The perfect 404 Error Page

“404 – Page Not found” – This Error on a website is now very rare, but it still happens that this Error will shown – and then this site has only one Goal: Bring the visitor to the Site with the Informations he is be searching for. What is a 404 Error Page? There are […]



Use of internet is on the rise these days and with that social media marketing is becoming equally popular too. As such, social media marketing is imperative for any business be it large or small. Let us know what the concept is all about. Social Media Marketing can be described as that method of marketing […]


The Rules of SEO for Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the best Tools in Online Marketing when you beware the Rules of SEO for Content Marketing Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, outlines the five best practices for content marketers hoping to maximize SEO value in an ethical way: Create content that people will have an incentive to share. Do keyword […]


What is Online Marketing?

So many people are talking about Online Marketing – but – in fact – what does Online Marketing mean? There are many thoughts of what online marketing means – and many people think it means just having a Web site, or buying advertising, or getting a better ranking in the search engines. My own belief is that online marketing ties […]

another Online Marketing Blog

Why another Blog of Online Marketing

There are so many online marketing tools that businesses or individuals can make use of. However, out of them all, a blog is the most versatile one. Business owners have a notion that blogging might require them to spend extra time and effort only to receive little ROI in the end. Contrary to this, the […]