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Your company on Facebook

If you gain a place in social media you should think about Facebook, because there is the possibility to create “pages” which can represent and promote a product, a website or just a business.

The ability to provide the social media users quickly current topics related to your business or industry by a Facebook-Fanpage has many advantages:

  • work relief to the PR-Employees
  • fast and easy distribution of information
  • building and maintain a target group for your business

We also have our own facebook page for this blog – which you can see here

Create Your Facebook Profile

If you want to represent your company on Facebook, you first need to create an account on Facebook for free. This account or also called profile, can created here:

Complete your personal profile with your personal information and confirm your membership with the email sent to you beforehand. Important: You do not have to enter any of your company data, since it is first principle in the account to you as a person. In Facebook every member has the ability to create pages for companies, things or famous people. These pages also called Fanpages have to keep the legal aspects in mind – only if you are legally entitled to do so, you should set up a page. So do not come up with the idea to create a page for Microsoft, BMW or Mercedes etc., just because you are a “fan” of this brand.

Creation of Facebook pages

Once you have a little look around at Facebook, you will find the many options on Facebook. Check out some other business pages, such as the page of our company: Footsteps Ltd. or our Single-Magazin Singleaktiv. You can find many different ways to upload content and to present it to other Facebook members.

If you have decided to create a Facebook page, you can perform this at the following link:

Here you have the possibility to define the type of page you want to create. Facebook offers a variety of options depending on the page type of content creation, so you should think about here, whether it is a product or a page for your company. Once decided there’s no turning back – a belated change the page type is not possible. If you later want to consider to create a page for a separate department or a special product you can do this, of course.

As soon as you have completed all fields, you will be forwarded immediately to your new Facebook page that you can fill with content, informations and pictures.

Building a facebook page for your company is the first and fundamental step in Social Media Marketing – but after that there is the main question in all activities in the internet: How will the visitors made ​​aware of your website and finally land on this page?

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