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The allegory of content marketing

People often get confused between the importance of content marketing and the SEO. What is the difference between these two terms. SEO or Search engine Optimization is a way to make path for the traffic to halt on the website of a particular business firm whereas content marketing is an approach to beckon traffic on your website to flourish business by presenting creative and effective matter on the subject. 

Content marketing- a superlative approach

Content marketing is not a new approach and has been in practice for quite a while now.


All you need to do is to pen down super creative content and you can gain the stardom in this industry. Gone are the days of writing boring content. The world today is the modernized world. To make space for yourself in the rush, you need to be extraordinarily good in your work and creativity is one thing which cannot be copied and is also the best medium to catch the interest of a reader.

It is not like content marketing has just entered the market. It shares the same age as that of the SEO. Content marketing plays an extremely vital role in the search engine of Google. The only difference is most people miss on the creative part while developing content.
However, with the arrival of Penguin 2.0, there is an extreme wide scope of raising up your ranks. Rankings and SEO go hand-in-hand. And SEO comprises of content marketing.


To justify the above said, I’ll share an incident with you. In the year 2008, I ranked a company in the top 15 websites due to usage of unique, creative and first-hand content. To surprise, this domain was not even a year old and was launched four weeks back. It held a strong content with 1500 pages and each word was original, including the page briefing “Contact Us”.Now a question might strike your mind, how did I rank the website in the Top 15. The answer is CONTENT. Cent percent original content helped that website to land up and make a position for itself in the list. However, my observation was confirmed by a Google engineer who was present at a party at an SES Conference. I guess the above incident very well illustrates the power of original and unique content.

Content Marketing- a deeper meaning

The break up of the word “Content marketing” defines the promotion of website. Content is equal to website and marketing stands for promotion.
However, it depends on you and your creativity how to block traffic on your website. You can adorn your website with inputting interesting text, videos, pictures and all that stuff which connects well with the subject.
Content marketing is a branch of Search Engine Optimization itself just like it’s other approaches.

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Ben Mueller

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  • Lifestyle Fotografie on June 4, 2013

    When this content wouldnt make so much afford. But its true. Write about 300 Words and you’ll be the boss.

  • winelady on June 8, 2013

    I suppose good content is one of several basic disciplines of the online marketing. Without good content, the search engines will never allow a site to reach the top positions. Otherwise it is my experience that good content alone is not sufficient – unless you produce really great amounts of pages. The combination with links will help the content to be found, especially when the links are positioned to make paople follow them. Rising the number of visitors makes the search engines know that people are indeed interested in the content provided. A long-lasting succes seems to be a question of the right mixture of online marketing actions.

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