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Use of internet is on the rise these days and with that social media marketing is becoming equally popular too. As such, social media marketing is imperative for any business be it large or small. Let us know what the concept is all about.

Social Media Marketing can be described as that method of marketing which is done with the help of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The benefit of marketing via these sites is that you can interact and connect with your customers at a more personalized level. This gives them a sense of being attended to and hence that leads to better customer satisfaction.

Some of the ways of social media marketing

in which you can promote your business are as follows:

  • Facebook – Create a business fan page in Facebook. Pay special attention to the layout of the page as the right layout will appeal to the potential customers. Also, know that Facebook environment is friendly and hence that calls for an active marketing strategy.
  • Twitter – Twitter is an easy way to broadcast your business updates on the internet. Follow tweeters that are related to your business/field. A tweet consists of no more than 140 characters. Make sure to make them as quirky as possible. Moreover, the key to success here is interaction. Communicate with people, answer their queries and retweet their good feedback.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is in trend nowadays. It offers an image based platform that allows businesses to display their products. Customers find it easier as they have the opportunity to look at the product.
  • LinkedIn – It is more of a professional social networking site. LinkedIn Groups are an ideal way to converse and share your content with people in related industries. Encourage your clients or customers to give a recommendation to your business on LinkedIn profile. Doing so will add credibility to your business.
  • Google+ – Just as Facebook, Google+ also provides casual atmosphere. You have the benefit to upload and share videos, photos, links etc. Google+ circles will allow you to distribute your followers into groups. This way you can share particular content with particular groups only. Also, make use of its Hangout feature in creative ways.

YouTube – YouTube has been quite popular for years to find your favorite videos. Did you know that it can act as a social media marketing platform for your business too? Create instructional videos or business content related videos and let them go viral.

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