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This is Part 2 of our Series “SCRUTINIZING GOOGLE UPDATE CHECKS (INCLUDING PENGUIN)” – in Part 1 (click here) we write about the issues and important things regarding the Anchor Text, the inbound and outbound links and also the specials in the Head-Tags. Now in this part lets talk about really important things you should be aware of.

Links cross or Triangulate

Often cases have been observed when you access a certain website using the same IP address or C class, you are enrooted to some other websites accidentally. These websites are either cross linked or the website which you are accessing is a partner website of the main website.
In case you get to identify the above, you should delink your website straight away to avoid any hassle in any future as Google is designed such a way that it may capture the same and may prove it as you were attempting to create a self network.
However, please be noted that Google cannot be ignorant. Therefore, barbarism is what you will be charged with. Hence, identifying and curbing the issue right in time is the sole way out of letting yourself restrained from any such penalty.

The pace of the web page

The speed of the web page is not of a major concern as per Google standards. However, observing the practical experience the page speed does matter a lot as a user may get irritated or divert his route from the website. This is the most common reason of low traffic on websites.
Nonetheless, the pace of the speed can be increased by the page speed tool. You should try to bring it at least up to a brim of 90 per cent to make your website stand for itself. This is indeed the best possible solution to curb the speed issue. This also adds up a point in welcoming more traffic on your web page.

Spam created by user

If a user who has visited your website and leaves a spam message or comment, the penalty is straight away levied on the website by Google. C’mon we all know about the Sprint’s fiasco. With extremely advanced tools, it takes a split second to recognize the true meaning of a person’s verdict.
Therefore, you should be aware of what is going on your forum or blog to drive away unwanted scraps and help yourself indulging in a smoother access of things. Keep a check on all the latest posts and comments. However, you should not miss the fact that in case the spammer has a tricky mind and knowledge, the content would be possible available on Google. Thus, you need to be sharp and witted to avoid any trouble.

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