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Scrutinizing Google Update Checks (including Penguin) Part 1

There are many many things you can check on your website – In this article series we will give you an overview of the most important points on Google Update to verify and optimize your website.

  • Heads and brief

Giving titles and dividing the content under different heads has been one of the most misunderstood elements on any website. However, these play a vital role to quickly scroll over the content and read out your preferred part from the article. Also, these titles should not be extraordinary long or tagged insensibly.

  • Anchor text

The anchor text is a visible hyperlink, most probably which enrooted you to another page related to a detailed description of the term. These should be worked out with extreme care as these should not be over- optimized or used in repetition. These are counted with internal as well as inbound links.

  • The inbound and outbound links

You are supposed to run a link check to ensure that the link of your website is not present on some inconvenient or wrong website. There was a time when the count of spammy links rose up at a height of 80 per cent. However, the percentage has fallen down to 50 per cent now which leaves you with a lesser scope of spam. You should be able to locate the link of your profile.

Outbound links certainly and undoubtedly increase the traffic on your website. However, over cautiousness may let you loose the traffic. All you need to do is to keep a check that your web link is available on which websites. It is not at all a Google style when you crouch in your website only restricting all entry and exits. Whereas Google encourages you to proceed with sharing on worthy websites and not on useless and corny as websites.

Here is our Part 2 to the themes: Links, Website-Speed and Spam created by users

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  • Nina on June 13, 2013

    Nice article. Thank you Ben

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