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Linking two sites together violate often not the quality guidelines!

Links are the recommendations of the internet and for Google one of the most important ranking factors at all. Previously it was said that Google does not like linking their own projects and maybe punish this. many thought that these links of own projects manipulate the search results of Google, because it strengthens the pages together. Now Matt Cutts published a video response on the Google Webmaster blog and thought this rumor.

Own links are not problematic

Matt Cutts says in the video that links of own projects together are not a problem, if you consider some things. Thus, one should not exaggerate the number of own links, for example. A few projects would not be a problem, but Google is not amused, if you use 222 low-quality car insurance sites to push the domain popularity of another car insurance page. But is it just a handful of sites that are thematically relevant and are still high, a link of these sites would not be a problem.

Thematic relevance and high quality

Matt Cutts says that the pages should be relevant together to the topic. It is not advisable to link from a page with Sunglasses to a page with coffee cups. The relevance is not given here. However, it would be fitting if it is linked from the page with Sunglasses to another sunglasses website. It would not be bad if you link to a separate page about progressive lenses, because you are still in the glasses as main topic, and so it is indeed thematically relevant.

Another point is the high quality of the Matt Cutts responds. Besides, many different criteria play a role:

• The website has too much advertising?
• Does the website duplicate content?
• The website has a poor internal linking?
• Is the website user-friendly?
• And many more points

The quality of a website must everyone decide for themselves, as each individual the word “High quality” can define by himself. For some, only the content plays a role, for someone else, for example, the layout is an important criterion to determine the quality of a website.

The ratio must be right

Of course you can provide for your own pages links from your own network. But I think that there is another point is crucial: the relationship between backlinks from other sources to back links from their own sources.

The relationship itself plays an important role in my opinion, just as you would from another area of link building knows: the relationship to follow/nofollow links, the ratio of image links to text links and so on.

Links should have an added value

Before now everybody builds links between their own projects, please keep in mind the principle of links: links are the recommendations of the internet. A link to a webmaster recommends another website. If you now build recommends for your own page, this should be done not only because of the ranking improvement, but for the reason because users find more interesting information on this recommending page. Google recognizes now fairly well if the content on a side is thin an without content-quality, and whether the user benefit from this content.

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  • Jeff on May 22, 2013

    Thank you for these informations – they´ll help me with my multi-user-site.

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