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Link building: What types of links are in a natural link profile?

Link building is not easy. In the initial phase, it was very easy to let as many back links to your page. However, with the increased time requirements of the algorithm on websites changes nearly from month to month, and now is the right link building for lay a labyrinth, from which it is the only way through the constant expansion and updating of own knowledge.

Here are our Tips about Linkbuilding a natural link profile for your personal escape from the aberration:

What is a natural link profile?

To understand how successful your previous link building is, it is necessary to examine your link profile exactly. These include various factors such as keywords, anchor text, placement of links, link types, etc. The values ​​of a natural (or “healthy”) link profile vary greatly from industry to industry, so no detailed information about such the percent of optimum brand keywords can be made. But it can be said, what factors do not occur too frequently in dimensions and what links you should be economical to create a natural link profile:

Use the link anchor texts in different ways: a few hard money keywords, some brand-keywords and brand-keyword combinations, the URL in different variants (eg “”, “”, http://”) and also short-and long-tail keywords. It is also important to name only a few anchor texts with stop words, such as would “Here”, “more information”, “more info”, “information here.” Watch out for a good anchor text distribution of all types, it should never be set too many links with the same anchor text in each case. A natural link profile represents a good mix of all types!

The anchor text should be in the context of the landing page (link source) fit, as they only content links and thus are considered as an honest recommendation. This means  that a web site of “online-marketing” do not suddenly post a blog about “modern knitting patterns”, and also the anchor text is editorially in the text of the page or the pictures, the video, a podcast, … fits. Such an integration of links in a Website is very important, the link should be surrounded by the content.

The links that point to your site, should not be involved exclusively in header, footer and sidebar. Similarly, it may be disadvantageous to only show start page links. So here applies: A colorful mix as possible is the best alternative.

Even the pace of your link building is a relevant factor for Google. Building too many links too fast looks unnatural and can cause you to move to dozens Results backwards. Also great leaps in the rate of link structure (ie this week to build 20 links, 100 next week, then no longer directly and then 200 ..) are not a good idea. Build better slowly but steadily your links.

Also choose your link sources wisely. This should be as old and trustworthy, but well maintained, be thematically relevant to your industry and put no links to rogue websites. In addition, your link sources should be locates mostly in the land you are running your website. A small proportion of foreign sources link can be normal, but pay attention to the distribution. Moreover, it is not necessary that you focus exclusively on link sources with high PageRank. A natural link profile always know some link to sources with lower PageRank, since it is unlikely that your website is mentioned only by top-established link sources.

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